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Our team

Meet our team

Forex Training consists of a motivated team of 3 mentors. Our mentors have years of experience and know exactly how to train students. Everyone is different, so each student gets a personalised approach!


Meet our mentors

Maak kennis met onze mentoren

Jeffrey Biemold

DFO Founder & Mentor

DFO Founder & Mentor As founder and mentor of The Forex Education, I have been trading and fine-tuning the DFO strategy for 4 years. 2 eventful years were followed by 2 years of consistently building both funded and equity capital.

Now my job is to convey this to our students.

Maxim Delombaerde

DFO Partner & Mentor

After 6 years of experience in financial markets, I have been using our swing trade strategy since 2019. Mastering the right psychological skills were the biggest stumbling block of my trading career.

As a partner of The Forex Education, it is therefore my goal to build DFO into the most all-round education platform regarding trading.

Where other courses stop, we continue.

Ricardo Vermeulen

DFO Mentor

Trading is my greatest passion, it gives me a lot energy. I love educating students and helping them to achieve their goals. To date, I have been active in the Forex market for 3.5 years.

I am ready to get started with you and make your dream come true.