About us


About The Forex Education

First and foremost, De Forex Opleiding stands for transparency, quality and professionalism. We go beyond just delivering a profitable strategy. Forex Training was founded on our own experience towards becoming successful in trading the Forex market.


Our Story

Over several years, we have experienced many things. Think of taking courses that ended up being unprofitable to suddenly being all alone. Therefore, we have now incorporated all the knowledge we have accumulated into a complete course so our students can skip these pitfalls.

One of the most important things we have learned is to surround ourselves with people who are already where you want to go. This is why we do 1-on-1 counselling at De Forex Opleiding because we want to keep the quality of our training and success rate as high as possible. This is also the reason why our success rate is so high, we do not give up until you have achieved the goal you’ve set for yourself, with us on your side, you are never alone!

Our Strength

Personal training with 1-on-1 counselling

We only work with 1-on-1 guidance because we want to keep the quality and success rate of the training high. Besides, this is also the most effective way to become profitable in trading Forex we have learned.

The 5 most important aspects we focus on:

  • Teaching the strategy,
  • Preparing a trade plan,
  • Instilling consistency and routine,
  • Market and trading psychology,
  • Becoming a funded trader.